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Step 1:
After purchasing the plugin, go to the My Account section in WebToffee. Log in with your credentials. Navigate to Downloads from the dashboard.

Step 2:
Click Downloads to get redirected to My Downloads. Click on the plugin package ZIP file to get it downloaded into your system.

Step 3:
After downloading the ZIP file, navigate to Dashboard > Plugins and click on Add New.

Step 4:
In the window that appears, Click on Choose file to browse the plugin ZIP file.

Step 5:
Choose the ZIP file and click open.

Step 6:
Click Install Now.

Step 7:
After installing, proceed to activate the plugin.

Step 8:
Get your API Key and API Email from the My Account License Keys tab in WebToffee.

Step 9:
Navigate to the plugin’s general settings window. Click on the License tab.

Step 10:
Enter the API License Key and Email. Click on Activate button.

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